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"The Curate" November 2020

Rector's Corner

Beloved in Christ at St. Philip’s,

Greetings on this All Souls’ Day! I hope you had a meaningful Renewal of Baptismal Vows with us on All Saints’ Day, either in-person or live-streamed. It has been good seeing some of you in-person (we are currently averaging 33% of our pre-COVID attendance numbers). If you are one of those who continue to worship with us online and you are regularly eating inside at a restaurant or spending time over at a friend’s house, it may be time to consider joining us in-person. We have adopted guidelines that are known to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for your safety and are continuing steadfastly with our efforts. Although our worship experience is somewhat different, we have been able now to gather together for twenty-three weeks (almost half a year)—we have been fortunate to say the least! I’m still aware of some Episcopalians who are unable to safely gather for Holy Eucharist indoors!

A brief word regarding pastoral care: guidelines now allow for me to make home visits. Outdoor visits are preferred, indoor visits are limited to ten minutes, and mask wearing and distancing are key to allowing this. Please do let me know if you would like a visit from me in the days ahead, I would be happy to see you!

Now, as we enter into the month of November, we make a turn to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming celebration of our Messiah’s birth. Advent offers us a space to reflect on beginnings, really beginning again as we do each new liturgical year with Advent. Our focus turns toward preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. As Episcopalians we have the privilege of taking time to get ready for the mystery of God coming to us in the flesh. What does it mean for you that God comes to us in the flesh in Jesus Christ in 2020, a year that many would rather forget? What does it mean that our Messiah breaks into humanity that has become bitterly divided over politics as we wait for votes to be counted and a winner to be named? What does it mean to carve out time in our lives, especially lives filled with anxiety and uncertainty during a pandemic, to reflect on why Jesus came to us? Advent is a time of expectant waiting. What do we wait for? What should we wait for?

Things may be unsettled, times may be different, but Jesus still comes to us in the flesh—this is the hope Advent brings us each year, this is the hope Advent brings us in this much needed year!

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Justin Briggle


There will be no DOK meeting in November. The next meeting will tentatively be on Sunday, December 6th, with details to be


The SMG Meeting will be Monday, November 16th,

at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom.

The next ECW Meeting will be Tuesday,

November 10th, at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom.

November Birthdays

5 Vincent Salaz

6 Debbie Tisdale

7 Jon Brown

13 Sharon Gouras

13 Charlie Nichols

16 Don Derby

17 Marian Raney

20 Ann Maffitt

22 Terry Thorn

23 Francis Williams

November Anniversaries

11 Kirsten & Mike Knippers

17 Curt & Vicki Winkler

21 Cad & Francis Williams

23 Phillip & Deborah Morton

24 Charles & Mary Nichols

Ushers - November 2020

Curt Winkler.

Ushers - December 2020

To be decided.

September 2020 Year-to-Date

Beginning Balance $71,168.46 $97,586.72

Total Income $18,136.25 $161,573.61

Total Expenses $18,573.55 $188,429.17

Ending Balance $70,731.16 $70,731.16


Now that we are meeting again for in person worship, please consider contributing for Altar Flowers on a

Sunday morning in Thanksgiving for an anniversary, birthday, or other blessing or in memory of someone.

To give please call Nancy Waggoner at 903-727-2030

or the Church Office at 903-729-4214.

Altar Guild:

Oct 31 – Nov 6--------Team 1 Nancy Waggoner, Sherry Snow

Linens: Joann Evans

Nov 7 – Nov 13--------Team 2 Becky Myers, Cathy Summers, Julie Law

Linens: Kirsten Knippers

Nov 14 – Nov 20------Team 3 Alex Nemer, Vicki Mayberry-Winkler

Linens: Vicki Mayberry-Winkler

Nov 21 – Nov 27 ------Team 4 Sara Minton, Kathy Stites, Hilda Garcia-Castillo

Linens: Jeanette George

Nov 28 – Dec 4--------Team 1 Nancy Waggoner, Sherry Snow

Linens: Joann Evans

Lay Minister Schedule:

November 2020 Reader/Server

Sunday 11/1 10:30 Phillip Morton

Sunday 11/8 10:30 Sparky Kolstad

Sunday 11/15 10:30 Barbara Kolstad

Sunday 11/22 10:30 Pat Redding

Sunday 11/29 10:30 Scott Nicholson


Father Justin doing Drive-Thru Pet Blessings last month.


Plenty of room to join us safely.

Getting ready for Zoom Bible Study.

The Altar at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church by Marcus Briggle.


Junior Warden Report:

September 2020

1. Altar thermostat not working.

a. Palestine Heating and Air replaced coil (12 year old coil had several holes).

b. Fire alarm tripped, Palestine Fire Department alerted and responded, alarm reset (alarm system works well).

2. Narthax Bell Tower leaking again.

a. Haws Roofing technicians removed old caulk on roof and replaced (rechecked Narthax after big rain, no leaks.)

3. Library overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures not functioning properly.

a. Buddy’s electricians removed ballast and retrofitted fixtures with LED tubes (brighter, less expensive to operate).

4. Floor drain in hallway containing water heaters overflowing.

a. Brought wet/dry shop vac to remove water (removed water several times).

b. Attempted to unclog drain manually without success.

c. Contacted Cooper plumbing.

d. Gary Cooper unplugged line and drained water heater (problem solved).

5. Weather stripping on Narthax East doors (main) not sealing well.

a. Weather stripping is fuzzy. Used hair comb to fluff stripping so it will engage opposite door to seal properly. Easy fix.

6. Two CFL bulbs not working in Narthax light.

a. Replaced all bulbs with LED bulbs.

b. Will replace all CFL bulbs in building with LED as they fail.

October 2020

Nothing significant to report.

Phillip O. Morton, RN

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Junior Warden


2021 Chili Fiesta Update

The Fiesta Committee has decided to postpone its annual Chili Fiesta due to COVID health concerns. The Vestry is in agreement with the decision of the Episcopal Church Women [Fiesta Committee] Board to pause preparation for Chili Fiesta 2021 out of concern for the community health and the health care workers of the community. For additional information contact Linda Brown, 2021 Fiesta Chair.


Rector: Fr. Justin Briggle Cell: (512) 799-9365

Parish Assistant: Ginger Brown Treasurer: Melissa F. Cox

Sexton: Martín Rodríguez Organist/Choirmaster: Joshua Lang

Vestry Members


Joan Strominger

Gary Thomas

Terry Thorn, Sr. Warden

Jamie Ward


Bill Fraser

Phillip Morton, Jr. Warden

Tucker Royall

Bob Snow


Barbara Kolstad

Pat Redding

Mike Tisdale

Nancy Waggoner

Normal Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.

Closed Federal and Occasional Church Holidays

Phone: (903) 729-4214 Fax: (903) 729-8691

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