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Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King are women and girls between the ages of seven and one hundred and seven who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We are Christian women, both lay and ordained, who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of our sisters.

Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal Church Women

ECW exists to empower the women of The Episcopal Church to carry out Christ’s work throughout the world.  

Our group is made up of multi-talented women serving Christ in our families, within St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, and the larger Palestine community.

Ushers & Acolytes

Acolytes, those who assist in the active worship of the church, are both young and old, male and female and take varied roles.  Ushers and Greeters serve as the first personal encounter for those worshipping with us at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.


1982 Hymnal

The Cursillo movement is a method of church renewal that begins with a weekend retreat. It’s purpose is to help Christians renew their commitment and better understand their roles as leaders in all facets of life.


St. Philip’s Choir is made up of singers of varying abilities and gifts. Singing is one of those ways in which we glorify God with our bodies. St. Augustine is credited to have said, “He who sings, prays twice.” We like to believe this and think raising our voices in prayer contributes to a sense of awe and wonder as we approach Jesus each week at the Altar. Occasions for Anthems, chant, and special music abound.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group men and women charged with the maintenance and preparation of the altar and its furnishings in a church. We assist in maintaining the beauty of the liturgical appointments to promote dignity and beauty of worship, preparing the church for its varied services throughout the Church year.

St. Mary's Guild

The Guild is a group of women whose focus is on Bible study, The Book of Common Prayer, and other spiritually related programs and studies.

St. Mary’s Guild hosts our annual fundraiser Spaghetti Luncheon.

St. Mary’s Guild meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6 p.m.

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Welcoming Ministry

We gather to regularly stock and prepare welcome gift bags for our Sunday morning visitors and host a brief time of refreshments after our 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist.

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Christian Formation

Godly Play and Adult Formation, currently doing a Lectio Divina style Bible Study, sometimes working our way through Advent and Lenten Devotionals, and various other classes.

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