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"The Curate" March 2020

St. Philip’s Parishioners,

Lent is upon us! I write this having finished one Ash Wednesday service awaiting another this evening. During the Ash Wednesday homily, the challenge to seek humility was given. In a world that values hubris, the opposite of humility, it’s counter-cultural. It shouldn’t be too surprising, that same challenge was initiated many years prior by Jesus, a counter-cultural figure to be sure!

You often hear about people giving stuff up or taking stuff on during Lent. What might that be about? Well, the idea is pretty straightforward, seek to give stuff up that interferes or blocks your full life in Christ and take stuff on that fosters and nurtures that full life in Christ. And the truth is, that looks different for each and every one of us, because each one of us struggles in different ways in our lives in Christ. So, what one person could benefit from giving up, another may actually benefit from taking it on! Let’s say you struggle with being in control to the point of blocking the Holy Spirit’s work in you life, because you are sure you know best. The obvious thing to give up is some measure of control. But, you would need to figure out what that looks like. It may mean giving the power of a decision over to someone else, giving someone else preferential treatment. Maybe it means doing something that intentionally interferes with your plans so that you may walk more firmly in God’s ways. Maybe you are too concerned with getting things done, checking off the list, to the point that it interferes with relationships that aren’t being fostered. Then, you might make the case that you need to give something up and focus more on what it means to be a fellow brother or sister in Christ to another at the expense of completing a checklist. Maybe your working your way through Scripture so doggedly that you’ve deprived yourself of time sitting with God—it can happen! Maybe you just need a good dose of doing nothing before God! Sounds crazy, right? Think about it. Do something that costs you more than anything, give God your time, your devotion and adoration by sitting before him without words even! Don’t expect anything, just adore him and basque in his presence. Try it.

As you make your way through this holy season of Lent resist the temptations of the attention economy around you, seeking to pull you into this and that. Instead, find what’s needed to draw you ever closer to our Lord, to live your life in Christ more fully than when you entered Lent.

Lenten blessings,

Fr. Justin +


The next DOK meeting will be Sunday, March 1st, following the 10:30 a.m. service.

The next meeting will be Monday, March 16th, at 6 p.m. in the Parish Hall.

Will meet Tuesday, March 10th,

at 10 a.m. in the Parish Hall.

Refreshments will be at 9:45 a.m.

March Birthdays

5 Robert Blackwell

6 Jessie Thorn

9 Martha Styner

16 Stephanie Sullivan

20 Alex Nemer

20 Henry Parker

21 Oliver Briggle

21 Carolyn Salter

24 Carol Brenneke

26 Linda Brown

31 Jerry Fagalde

March Anniversaries

30 J.P. & Clarissa Delaney

31 Leo & Muriel Mizell

Ushers - March 2020

Curt Winkler & Mike Tisdale

Ushers - April 2020

Frank Polasek & Terry Thorn

January 2020 Year-to-Date

Beginning Balance $97,586.72 $97,586.72

Total Income $41,791.40 $41,791.40

Total Expenses $23.262.64 $23,262.64

Ending Balance $116,115.48 $116,115.48


To give Altar Flowers please call Nancy Waggoner, at 903-727-2030 or the Church Office at


Altar Guild:

Feb 28 – Mar 6 --------Team 4 Linens: Jeanette George

Sara Minton, Kathy Stites, Hilda Garcia-Castillo

Mar 7 – Mar 13---------Team 1 Linens: Joanne Evans

Nancy Waggoner, Jane Biddle, Sherry Snow, Lucie Broyles

Mar 14 – Mat 20-------Team 2 Linens: Deborah Morton

Becky Myers, Cathy Summers, Deborah Morton

Mar 21 – Mar 27--------Team 3 Linens: Kirsten Knippers

Katheryn Fagalde, Alex Nemer, Vicki Mayberry

Mar 28 – Apr3 ----------Team 4 Linens: Jeanette George

Sara Minton, Kathy Stites, Hilda Garcia-Castillo

Lay Minister Schedule:

Mar. 2020 Reader Chalice I/Server Chalice II

Sun. 3/1 8:00 Phillip Morton

10:30 Martha Polasek Barbara Kolstad Charlie Nichols

Wed. 3/4 5:30 Phillip Morton

Sun. 3/8 8:00 Bob Blackwell

10:30 Pat Redding Scott Nicholson David Brown

Wed. 3/11 5:30 Sparky Kolstad

Sun. 3/15 8:00 Phillip Morton

10:30 David Brown Barbara Kolstad Charlie Nichols

Wed. 3/18 5:30 Phillip Morton

Sun. 3/22 8:00 Bob Blackwell

10:30 Scott Nicholson Barbara Kolstad Philip Morton

Wed. 3/25 5:30 Sparky Kolstad

Sun. 3/29 8:00 Phillip Morton

10:30 Martha Polasek David Brown Barbara Kolstad



St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

2020 Lenten Luncheon Series

Join us each Tuesday in Lent at noon for a brief service of prayer and a

reflection on the life of Jesus and his teachings as he made his way to the cross. Remain with us for a simple lunch.

12:00 p.m., Noonday Prayer with Sermon in Church

12:30 p.m., Simple Lunch in Parish Hall

March 3 “The Temptation of Jesus” (Luke 4:1-13)

The Rev. Trey Comstock

Lead Pastor, Grace Church, Palestine

Lunch Host: Vestry

March 10 “Fateful Warnings” (Luke 13:31-35)

The Rev. Jennene Laurinec

Vicar, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Carthage

Lunch Host: St. Mary’s Guild and Daughters of the King

March 17 “A Call for Repentance” (Luke 13:1-9)

The Rev. Jonathan Frels

Pastor, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Palestine

Lunch Host: Episcopal Church Women

March 24 “The Prodigal Son” (Luke 15:1-3,11b-32)

Mrs. Tesne Davis

Spiritual Director, Rock Bottom Ranch, Palestine

Lunch Host: Vestry

March 31 “Jesus’ Anointing at Bethany” (John 12:1-8)

The Rev. Roy G. Duncan

Pastor, The Antioch Church, Palestine

Lunch Host: Episcopal Church Women


Jerome Wells, M.M., former Organist-Choirmaster of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Beaumont, Texas, presents some well-known J. S. Bach organ pieces and those beyond Bach's time on our Roy A. Redman pipe organ within our beautiful sanctuary. Please remain for a wine and cheese reception. Admission is free and made possible by St. Philip's Episcopal Church.


Rector: Fr. Justin Briggle Cell: (512) 799-9365

Parish Assistant: Ginger Brown Treasurer: Melissa F. Cox

Sexton: Martín Rodríguez Organist/Choirmaster: Joshua Lang

Vestry Members


Joan Strominger Gary Thomas Terry Thorn, Sr. Warden Jamie Ward


Bill Fraser Phillip Morton, Jr. Warden Tucker Royall Bob Snow


Barbara Kolstad Pat Redding Mike Tisdale Nancy Waggoner

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Closed Federal and Occasional Church Holidays

Phone: (903) 729-4214 Fax: (903) 729-8691

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